Allen Claims is a fully licensed and bonded public adjusting firm headquartered out of Kansas City, Missouri.  We handle claims with the sole purpose of protecting you, the insured. 
Our story is a humble one of a real estate and construction magnate that lost it all in the fall of the great recession.  While rebuilding houses damaged by storms in El Paso TX, I found insurance adjusting as a career I could align with.  Travel, income, long hours, hard work, and mores set in ethical mortar.  Hell yes.  So, in 2009 our adjusting career began, utilizing business acumen harvested from real estate, finance, and construction. 
As a Catastrophe Adjuster I worked tirelessly for insurance companies doing good work and keeping the promise as established by the provisions of the policy.  As an independent adjuster, I would inspect commercial and residential properties for damages, document the loss, estimate the damages, and pay what was determined to be owed under the policy. It was anything but typical and it was work worth doing.  I would belay from rope, climb 4-story building to steep inspect roofs; sift through mud and muck after hurricanes all the while making certain I was finding all the damages I could to make certain to pay the policyholder every penny they were owed.  It was awesome. Brutal, yes, but awesome.  I felt like a hero everyday back then.  My own resume spans thousands of claims, helping policyholders affected by Hurricanes, Hail storms, Wind Storms, Fire, Vandalism, Business Interruption, Flood, Backup Sewer, and more.  It was invigorating work to “Do the right thing” day-in/day-out, and get paid to do it.  To me, it was more of a calling, with mores that aligned to the core of my US Marine Corps character.  As the years went on, individually, and as a collective group, we adjusters noticed that the corporate culture was changing… then in 2017 it shifted suddenly, and not in a good way.  Independent Adjuster pay was cut, our work hours and micromanagement increased, Corporate Trainers were let go, experienced leadership given the early out, and worst of all for the masses, the policy now seemed to hold the weight of a “maybe” where once a firm promise was present.  I, and many adjusters witnessed the insurance companies we worked for and loved, now disallowing us to pay the legitimate claim for what was owed under the policy.  Our hands were tied it seemed, at least for a while.  This shift, albeit disappointing and disheartening, was a wake up call.  Eventually, those same insurance adjusters would switch sides and began representing you the insured. 
We are Allen Claims, and we are your Public Adjuster.
We represent you, the insured.  We hold your insurance company accountable to the promise you paid for.
We document your loss, and we fight on your behalf with the knowledge, experience, and know how that you need.
We fight so you don’t have to. 
Do the right thing: That mantra is at an essence Who we are: How we work; What we do; 

Allen Claims is licensed through the Department of Insurance in the states of Missouri, Kansas, and Kentucky providing expert assistance to policyholders throughout the claim process. We seek the right and equitable financial compensation for our clients, and exceed the industry standards set by NAPIA, the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

We work with commercial property owners, management companies, small businesses, corporations, as well as individual homeowners alike. Our extensive work in Catastrophe Zones (areas affected by natural disasters) such as hail storms, wind, Derechos and 15+ hurricane deployments as of 2021 has provided us the extensive field experience and policy acumen to to aptly assist vigorously defend the clients we represent. 

As insurance carrier’s continue to tighten their belts by underpaying claims relying on conflicting protocols; what they call covered damage and what they delay, deny and defend, the need for us advocating for and assisting policyholders continues to grow. Insurance carriers hold significant leverage over their insureds, and when they deny, underpay, Allen Claims levels the playing field.
Insurance carriers hire biased “experts”, and rely on inexperienced and jaded adjusters to represent their best interests.
Policyholders should do the same by hiring Allen Claims to represent and protect them.  You are not alone.

Although we directly serve the Midwest, if requested to do so, we will secure licensing to work in any of the 50 US states, to include Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, & The Virgin Islands.

Contact us now and see how we may serve you!